What can I do if I have an upcoming foreclosure date?

The first thing you should do is not panic. Secondly, you need to call us at 1-800-760-9156. Even if your foreclosure is one week or one day away, it may be possible to delay the foreclosure proceedings. Many people feel that when they receive a NOS (Notice of Sale), all of their options are gone. This is not true, as the lender will try to avoid the more costly foreclosure process.

It is estimated that it costs lenders up to $60,000 to foreclose on a home with court and lawyer fees, so most lenders would rather take a cheaper approach. If you are serious about stopping the foreclosure proceedings, the lender will be willing to listen as long as they see an effort on your side through professional assistance. It is important to be aware of foreclosure scams and how to avoid them. A common mistake is that people will move out of the house with a looming foreclosure, but you will lose some of your rights when you do this.