New laws underway for distressed homeowners

Posted: 8/23/2016

In another move to help distressed homeowners, California’s assembly moved a step closer in creating legislation designed to protect widows, widowers and other heirs from foreclosure. Senate bill 1150 and the Homeowner Survivor Bill of rights will now go to the Senate for approval. Created by Senators Mark Leno and Cathllen {...}

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Foreign investors pricing many out of market

Posted: 6/28/2016

According to the newest reports from the California Association of Realtors, housing values and home sales have seen a modest increase over the past three months and continued economic growth is visible going forward. Tight housing {...}

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Housing affordability becoming issue again

Posted: 5/06/2016

The housing market in California has seen some great gains in many areas over the past three years, but some areas have remained depressed and affordability remains a major issue for prospective homebuyers. Driven by high tech jobs, The San Francisco Bay Area has reigned as one of the fastest appreciating and moving markets in the {...}

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New relief funding and worries for homebuyers

Posted: 3/08/2016

The most recent reports from the California Association of Realtors (CAR) highlight the ongoing affordability and high-cost issues of mortgages and housing across the state. Only 30 percent of households can afford to purchase a median priced home in the State of California. It is predicted that if current interest rates rose to 6%, {...}

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Oil price and market fluctuations upset housing sector

Posted: 2/01/2016

The recent downfall in the oil industry has added a degree of difficulty in forecasting where the housing market is headed for 2016. With the recent drop in oil prices, many communities who have been dependant on the oil industry for jobs have been seeing major layoffs, which have had a negative impact on home prices. To complicate {...}

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2016 Housing Market Forecast

Posted: 10/28/2015

Following a two-day policy meeting, the U.S. Federal Reserve has kept interest rates unchanged. The results stem from a recent slowdown in job growth and a softening of global markets. Most policymakers have said they expected to raise rates in 2015, but rate changes might be pushed into early 2016. This change would affect mortgage {...}

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How will market turbulence affect housing market?

Posted: 9/08/2015

When the housing bubble burst almost eight years ago, the stock market nearly collapsed. Over the past two weeks, turmoil from the Chinese and broader markets sparked concerns that the reverse would happen; a market drop would cause the current housing recovery to come crashing down. Though some of the unease has already prompted some {...}

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Reset risks worse than expected

Posted: 7/28/2015

According to the newest data provided by RealtyTrac, home prices have not recovered enough to protect people who obtained home equity lines of credit or loan modifications between 2005 and 2008. Those people who received these HELOCs or modifications may not know that they will soon have a loan reset, which means their interest rates {...}

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Not out of the woods

Posted: 6/24/2015

It has been ten years since U.S. housing market saw its historic peak home values, which crashed soon thereafter during what is known as the Great Recession. Currently, while many coastal areas have seen a general housing market recovery, more than 15 percent of homeowners still owe more on their mortgage than what their property is {...}

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Banks still too big to fail

Posted: 5/13/2015

Even as we have started to recover from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, many banks are still considered to be too big to fail. During the heart of the crisis, protesters nationwide chanted "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out." At that time there was hope that changes in lending would ensure a more stable and {...}

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