Good Financial Decisions

Posted: 3/05/2012

DecisionsAs the housing market started to fall into crisis between 2005 and 2006, many homeowners stopped paying on their monthly mortgage. Some homeowners simply could not afford their payments while others, who could afford their home mortgage but chose not to {...}

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Home Prices Drop in 4th Quarter

Posted: 2/24/2012

Home prices across the US fell 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter compared from a year earlier. Home prices in California fell 4.6 percent compared to the previous year, which means the state's home prices have dropped 44 percent on average in the past five years. With continuing home value woes, California ranks 9th as the worst home {...}

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Mortgage Settlement Reached: The Good and Bad News

Posted: 2/10/2012

This week, a landmark $25 billion settlement was reached by the federal government along with 49 states and the nation's five biggest banks. The agreement will provide benefits for hundreds of thousands of homeowners who have been affected by the housing crisis. Nationwide, the impact of the settlement is meant to help take a step {...}

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Short Sale Now or Later

Posted: 1/25/2012

Housing QuestionsWith the current housing and economic woes, many people are questioning whether or not to short sale their home now versus three or four years from now. The decision at what point to short sale your home relies both on short term and long term {...}

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Home Prices at 2001 Levels

Posted: 1/06/2012

When taking into account the yearly rates of inflation, we are now seeing home prices at 2001 levels according to the S&P/Case-Shiller 10-City Composite Index. Considering the minor dip of home prices at the start of 1990 and the flat lining of home prices in the early 90's, we are close to an inflation corrected median price of a homes {...}

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Foreclosure Aid Programs Failing

Posted: 12/16/2011

Home ForeclosureThe US government's foreclosure-prevention program, which was first introduced in 2009, has been struggling to offer help to people who are in danger of foreclosure. When the program was initially launched, it was estimated that {...}

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Foreclosure Crisis Only Half Way Over

Posted: 11/28/2011

Foreclosures Half Way OverThe Mortgage Bankers Association is reporting that new home foreclosure filings have increased during the third quarter as home owners are failing to get approvals for loan modifications. Nationwide, foreclosure {...}

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Home Prices Will See Triple-dip

Posted: 11/07/2011

The financial analytics company Fiserv is estimating that home values will fall another 3.6% by next June, pushing them to a median price of 35% below the housing peak from 2006. Many factors, including rising foreclosure activity and continuing high unemployment are working against an already weak housing market. The housing market {...}

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Many Homes Could Be Upside Down Forever

Posted: 10/21/2011

Housing Market UnsteadyBuilding debt in the US and overseas is still fueling the negative and stagnant growth seen in the housing and consumers markets. The similarity between today's economic woes and those seen during the great depression and Japan's recession {...}

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California Withdraws From Negotiations

Posted: 10/07/2011

HousesCalifornia withdrew from settlement negotiations with the major banks last week amid inadequate offers by the banks to help California homeowners. A potential deal would allow the banks to gain some legal protection against claims of {...}

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